Frequently asked questions

Can everyone join UWAcademy?

UWAcademy programs are open to everyone, from everywhere in the world. All skill levels and ages are accepted.

Are flight tickets and accommodation included in UWAcademy programs?

Yes, UWAcademy programs include round-trip flight and accommodation in Seoul. Airport pick-up and on-site support are also included.

What is a typical program training schedule?

UWAcademy programs are on a full-time basis - Average 7 hours per day. Here is a schedule example: - Dance class from 9 to 12 in the morning. - Lunch break from 12 to 1 - Vocal class from 1 to 3 - Korean class from 3 to 5.

How can I join UWAcademy?

The first step is to complete the registration form for the program you want to register.
The second step is to pay the reservation fee sent by our teams after receiving and reviewing your registration form. This will officially register you in the program.

What genres are taught at UWAcademy?

Our instructors all have their own genre, which makes our programs very various for our students : You will have the opportunity to train on different styles and techniques.

Will I have the opportunity to join UnionWave Entertainment after the program?

UWAcademy is hosting two auditions for each program, in which UnionWave Entertainment judging staff will participate. All students will have the opportunity to be selected at the term of these two auditions, to eventually join the official artists line-up of UnionWave Entertainment.

How long do programs last?

UWAcademy programs typically last between 1 and 3 months long.

Do I need a visa to participate to the Academy program?

Each case is different ; depending on your country you may need a visa. Our team will be glad to guide you through all travel matters.